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classes and events......


Thank you to those who wrote these kind testimonials.

I love Bari’s yoga classes. I love her body work. They are extraordinary. The first time I took a class with her, she was substituting for a teacher I particularly like so I was disappointed when I walked in the door and saw a stranger. By the end of that class I was thinking there were so many interesting surprises in this class I can’t believe it. She brings imagination, compassion and a wide range of trainings to her work. Over time I’ve discovered she possesses a deep and subtle empathy, which is for me the most important fact about her. I trust her to respond to any worries or problems I bring her with an emotional intelligence that is always present. She never stints.


I came to Bari with neck and back injuries along with never having done yoga before. She began working with me doing private lessons and patiently taught me how to get into the poses correctly without hurting myself. I was apprehensive because of my injuries – and she put my mind at ease always making sure that I was safe in my movements.

Bari showed me the importance of modifications during my practice so that I would not harm my neck or back yet still get the benefits of each pose. Because of her due diligence I am now able to take group classes and know on my own when to modify and what poses are OKAY for my body.

Bari is also an AMAZING massage therapist. She pays attention to detail and is able to release tension and pain while encouraging relaxation effortlessly. She has also come to my rescue on many occasions when I have re-injured myself. She is always accommodating and sympathetic to the pain I experience and through massage and energy work is able to get me moving again. Her kind approach and wonderful personality makes each and every person around her feel comfortable, happy and as if they are reconnecting with a

long-time friend.


Bari, in my opinion, is the renaissance person of integrative medicine.  She is a teacher, who is able to individualize yoga in a group environment.

My experiences with Bari are many and varied.  During my stem cell transplant at Moffitt Cancer Center, Bari provide both massage, yoga, and meditation which was healing for both the physical and mental being.

Bari’s massages, both Thai and Swedish, go beyond relaxation because of her healing work with Jin Shin Jyutsu.  They are a one of a kind experience.  As you can see, I cannot say anything but positive statements because I feel she is truly unique.  One needs to partake in what she offers as I do with her yoga classes and Sunday meditation.


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